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zoro12 November 22nd, 2011 01:43 AM

cant connect to the dashboard , please help!
i am trying to login to the dashboard with no success please help me resolve this issue....
i am trying to login to the dashboard using admin/kids username and password as i understand from the forums here those are the correct credintials for the backend , when i sign in the first time iam beeing directed to the same login page with out any error message , the second time i try log in i get the error "unknown user name or password".

in config.php ihave :
$config['encryption_key'] = "5bf1fd927dfb8679XYju839012SDdka1";

and the security library is loaded in the autoload.php and sessions is enabled in php.ini .

and in the mysql admin table i have one predefined acount/record :
id =1 , username=admin , email=myerman@gmail.com , status=active ,password=8843d7f92416211d

1) please advice if the encryption_key is correct.
2) please advice if the admin/kids credintials is correct.
3)please advice if i can use kids password in order to get 8843d7f92416211d
4)do i have to create my own admin account and how?
5) why this account(admin/kids) not working for me ?

note :
1) i downloaded all the code and sql files from wrox website last week.
2)i have changed the verify function as needed in order to bypass the error reporting issue.
3)i hope sombody will rscue me ...

zoro12 November 22nd, 2011 02:18 AM

i have resolved the problem but i have some questions..
how i resolved the problem, in madmins.php in the function verifyuser()
i printed "echoed" the generated code for the kids password "db_clean(dohash($pw),16)" ,and amazingly it gave me a different 16 digits code than what is regestered in the admins table its gave me 14a275fb605019e3 while in the original downloaded sql file from wrox website it was 8843d7f92416211d.
so simply the solution was that i changed the password to the new genereated 16 digits code 14a275fb605019e3 and volla i entered the magic city of the dashboard.

but i am still wondering why the generated code in my system for "kids" password is different than what is in the sql database ?

is it because we have different php versions ?

is it because "kids" isnt the write password i should use in conjunction to the admin tabe password code ? ie the kids isnt the pasword?

please advice what is the real reason behind the different codes for the "same" password "kids" in my machine and in mr. myer machine ?

and sorry i forget to say big "THANKS" to mr myer for his more than great books...thank you mr. myer !

i have a suggestion to you mr. myer , why you dont build more books in the same project "claudia_kids" for example another book in how to further develope the user interface of the claudia_kids website , and another book in how the strengthen the security holes in the same website , and another book to add more rich ecommerce features and social features to the website and so on unlimited books series.

at the end the world will have a "most documented" open source ecommerce solution that can easily compete with other major open source php projects like open cart, magento , oscommerce..and others because they will never dream to document there apps like books supported claudia kids....

thanks again.

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