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FlaUsa January 24th, 2012 01:55 AM

Chapter 4: Pages 130 - 132 Querying for reviews & Displaying the reviews

I am current at the end of chapter four working on pages 130 - 132 in the Try it out sections titled 'Querying for the Reviews' and 'Displaying the Reviews' and I am having a problem. Followiing the directions given on these pages I modified my movie_details.php page accordingly but at the end when I load Table3.php into my browser, I can click on the link for each of the movies but when the movie details page comes up for each movie, all I get is the information for each movie showing it health and with the title underlined on the screen. However, I can't click on the underlined title to get the movie reviews to show for each page. I have typed this code in twice now and reviewed what I typed in at least 3 times and can not find any errors in my code that would be causing this to happen. Can someone take a look at my code below and tell me if and where I may have made an error and what I need to do to correct it so I can see the movie reviews? BTW, I was very careful not to leave any white space after the variables.



__________________________________________________ ______________

$link = mysql_connect("localhost","bp5am","bp5ampass")
or die(mysql_error());
or die(mysql_error());

/* Function to calculate if a movie made a profit,
loss or broke even */
function calculate_differences($takings, $cost) {
$difference = $takings - $cost;

if ($difference < 0) {
$difference = substr($difference, 1);
$font_color = 'red';
$profit_or_loss = "$" . $difference . "m";
} elseif ($difference > 0) {
$profit_or_loss = "$" . $difference . "m";
} else {
$font_color = 'blue';
$profit_or_loss = "Broke even";
return "<font color=\"$font_color\">" . $profit_or_loss . "</font>";

/* Function to get the director's name from the people table */
function get_director() {
global $movie_director;
global $director;

$query_d = "SELECT people_fullname " .
"FROM people " .
"WHERE people_id='$movie_director'";
$results_d = mysql_query($query_d)
or die(mysql_error());
$row_d = mysql_fetch_array($results_d);
$director = $people_fullname;

/* Function to get the lead actor's name from the people table */
function get_leadactor() {
global $movie_leadactor;
global $leadactor;

$query_a = "SELECT people_fullname " .
"FROM people " .
"WHERE people_id='$movie_leadactor'";
$results_a = mysql_query($query_a)
or die(mysql_error());
$row_a = mysql_fetch_array($results_a);
$leadactor = $people_fullname;

/* Function to generate ratings for movies */
function generate_ratings($review_rating) {
$movie_rating = '';
for($i=0; $i<review_rating; $i++) {
$movie_rating .= "<img src=\"thumbsup.gif\">&nbsp;";
return $movie_rating;

$movie_query = "SELECT * FROM movie " .
"WHERE movie_id ='" . $_GET['movie_id'] . "'";

$movie_result = mysql_query($movie_query, $link)
or die(mysql_error());

<th>Movie Title</th>
<th>Year of Release</th>
<th>Movie Director</th>
<th>Movie Lead Actor</th>
<th>Movie Running Time</th>
<th>Movie Health</th>

<th>Date of Review</th>
<th>Review Title</th>
<th>Reviewer Name</th>
<th>Movie Review Comments</th>

while($review_row = mysql_fetch_array($review_result)) {
$review_flag =1;
$review_title[] = $review_row['review_name'];
$reviewer_name[] = ucwords($review_row['review_reviewer_name']);
$review[] = $review_row['review_comment'];
$review_date[] = $review_row['review_date'];
$review_rating[] = generate_ratings($review_row['review_rating']);

$i = 0;
$review_details = '';
while ($i<sizeof($review)) {
$review_details .=<<<EOD
<td width="15%" valign="top" align="center">$review_date[$i]</td>
<td width="15%" valign="top">$review_title[$i]</td>
<td width="10%" valign="top">$reviewer_name[$i]</td>
<td width="50%" valign="top">$review[$i]</td>
<td width="10%" valign="top" align="center">$review_rating[$i]</td>

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($movie_result)) {
$movie_name = $row['movie_name'];
$movie_director = $row['movie_director'];
$movie_leadactor = $row['movie_leadactor'];
$movie_year = $row['movie_year'];
$movie_running_time = $row['movie_running_time']." mins";
$movie_takings = $row['movie_takings'];
$movie_cost = $row['movie_cost'];

//get directors name from people table

//get lead actor's name from people table


$review_query = "SELECT * FROM reviews " .
"WHERE review_movie_id ='" . $_GET['movie_id'] . "' " .
"ORDER BY review_date DESC";

$review_result = mysql_query($review_query, $link)
or die(mysql_error());

$movie_health = calculate_differences($movie_takings, $movie_cost);
$page_start =<<<EOD
<title>Details and Reviews for: $movie_name</title>

$movie_details =<<<EOD
<table width="70%" border="0" cellspacing="2"
cellpadding="2" align="center">
<th colspan="6"><u><h2>$movie_name: Details</h2></u></th>
<td width="33%" align="center">$movie_name</td>
<td align="center">$movie_year</td>
<td align="center">$director</td>
<td align="center">$leadactor</td>
<td align="center">$movie_running_time</td>
<td align="center">$movie_health</td>

if ($review_flag) {
$movie_details .=<<<EOD
<table width="95%" border="0" cellspacing="2"
cellpadding="20" align="center">

$page_end =<<<EOD
$detailed_movie_info =<<<EOD

echo $detailed_movie_info;


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