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chenmun April 3rd, 2012 09:34 PM

lesson28csfinal error
Why would the programme/website (lesson28csfinal) in lesson 28 in the book of <PHP and MySQl 24-Hour Trainer> , UNABLE TO EDIT CONTACT INFO VIA WEBSITE?

Tarrconsulting April 5th, 2012 12:02 PM

I found the problem in the contact.php file.
In Chapter 28, in Step 8, I have you add a condition to the _verifyInput function that checks to see if the username is already in use. Since this function is used both when you add a record and when you change a record, we should only check this when you are adding a record.

  if (!trim($this->user_name)) {
    $error = true;
  } elseif (strlen(trim($this->user_name)) < 6) {
    $error = true;
  } elseif ($this->id==0 AND self::getContactIdByUser(trim($this->user_name))) {
    $error = true;

You'll see that I added "$this->id==0 AND " to that condition so that only new records will be checked.

There is also another error in this file. In Step 10, where we construct the password hash in the addRecord function, the query statement to add the username and password hash is incorrect. It should have a WHERE clause and should be using the mysqli (rather than the mysql) function to get the last id added. This is what it should look like:


      if ($connection->query($query)) { // this inserts the row
        // update with the user name and password now that you know the id
        $query = "UPDATE contacts
        SET user_name = '" . Database::prep($this->user_name) . "',
        password = '" . hash_hmac('sha512',
          $password . '!hi#HUde9' . mysqli_insert_id($connection),
          SITE_KEY) ."',
        access = '" . Database::prep($this->access) . "'
        WHERE id = '" . mysqli_insert_id($connection) . "'";

I'm really sorry for the frustration this will have given you.

chenmun April 6th, 2012 12:55 AM

Problem solved and apologies accepted.
I'm happy with the service!
With best wishes for you and the organization continued success.

lekan September 22nd, 2013 06:54 PM

php & mysql 24hour trainer chapter30
Please can anybody guide me on how to separate admin menu and public menu?

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