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gplomb October 24th, 2012 12:33 PM

Chapter 11: File Management
The sample code starting on page 240 does not display on my Android phone the same as is displayed in Figure 11-1. For example, "applicationDirectory:" is blank on my phone when running the app. I do not see the ".../data/data/app.DirFile/app/assets" that Figure 11-1 shows.

I have now completed Chapter 11 and I have decided there should only be eleven chapters in the book; delete Chapter 11 and rename Chapter 12 Chapter 11. Chapter 11 is totally useless to me. Nothing displays as advertised. And, the last example code given in Chapter 11 fails to work. I revised the code as instructed in the Component.as file in the Minimal Comps component file I downloaded and added to the project, but if I input the code as instructed, I get an Embedding error; and if I revise the code I can lose the Embed error, and the app will run on my Android phone, but the buttons do not appear.

Can anyone help?

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