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bobinoz June 25th, 2013 07:16 PM

Outlook 2007 Form Design Code Not Working When On-Forwarding Emails
Using Item_CustomPropertyChange code in Outlook 2007 Forms design to programmatically populate a combo box list values depending on a 2nd combo box selection. Code works well when composing an email using the form and forwarding the email to the recipient. However code does not work when the recipient forwards the email to a 2nd recipient as the combo box list is blank. Have tried to add similar code for Forward event but it doesn't work. am I missing something fundamental with outlook forms functionlity in cases where the email needs to be forwarded by recipients a number of times.

Any help apprecaited as am first time outlook form "designer".


alikote November 15th, 2014 07:21 PM

Copy the word doc whole content and paste it into Outlook message body
Hi all,

I am having the following problem: I have to send many times a day an Outlook 2010 mail. I have to attach a word 2010 doc (.docx) to the mail and in the same time I must put it's whole content into the body of the message without losing the format of the text. There are some tables and different text formats used in the document.
I am using Visual Studio 2012 installed under Windows 7 Entreprise.

NB: I did not find help in the archives of your site.

Thanks a lot for help.


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