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vbboyd July 11th, 2013 10:58 AM

Tell me a little more about it
Never mind. I already ordered it from Amazon.com. I just hope that it is worth it and that I made the right investment. It was kind of expensive.

So Imar can you tell me a little more about this:


The description on Amazon doesn't get too detailed. I was wondering if I shold make the investment or not.

Thank you.

PS and I apologize for using this forum for asking this question, but I had no other means of communicating with you regarding this matter.

Imar July 12th, 2013 02:10 AM

>> Never mind. I already ordered it from Amazon.com

Great; hope you like it.

>> The description on Amazon doesn't get too detailed. I was wondering if I shold make the investment or not.

I haven't seen much of it myself and I wasn't involved in creating it, so I wouldn't have been able to tell you more about it.



jminatel July 12th, 2013 08:54 AM

Let us know what you think of it after you've worked through it and we'll find some Wrox goodies for you. And of course, reviews are welcome!

vbboyd July 12th, 2013 09:06 AM

How does it work
Yes, I would like some more information on how it works. What is this "sandbox" that Amazon refers to in regards to this product and how does it work.
From Amazon.com description:
Practice-based coding challenges with real-time feedback on your code solutions
Feedback how?

The InnerWorkings coding sandbox that runs in Visual Studio to help you practice and learn core development skills
A sandbox is this a plug for visual studio?

A personal certificate of achievement each time you complete 3 hours of validated training.
I already get these from PluralSight which is an online Microsoft certified training partner. So far I have gotten 4 training from online certification assessment tests in MVC, MVC/JQueryMobile mobile application development,
WCF and JQuery from Pluralsight and I have a certifications from BrainBench in C# and ASP.NET 4.0

jminatel July 12th, 2013 09:16 AM

Right. When you get the product you'll get a unique registration code to use and register at InnerWorkings.com. That process will install the InnerWorkings Developer Interface which is a Visual Studio add-in. You'll read some background on a problem that needs to be solved (some new functionality to add to a working application or functionality to fix in a buggy application for example) and then you'll open the project in Visual Studio and write/fix the code. Once you're satisfied you have the code correct, you use the Developer Interface to submit it and have it graded and it comes back immediately with your results. I did a walkthrough using the Windows 8 training and posted the video here (no laughing at my mistakes!).
The ASP.NET training works in a similar way.
Yes, the certificate is similar to how Pluralsight certificates work. InnerWorkings is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and Microsoft actually has licensed InnerWorkings training to use training many of their own staff.

vbboyd July 12th, 2013 10:04 AM

I have windows 7 not 8
Will this application run on ASP.NET 4.5 windows 7 environment?

jminatel July 12th, 2013 10:09 AM

Yes. ASP.NET 4.5 and Windows 7 (SP1 which is required for VS 2012) are supported.

vbboyd July 12th, 2013 10:42 AM

Are you using examples from Imar's book?
So the coding examples come from Imaar's Book Beginning ASP.NET4.5 and you do the coding examples that are in the book, you submit them to be graded and then get feedback is that not correct?

jminatel July 12th, 2013 10:52 AM

No, the coding challenges are new examples not related to PlanetWrox that you haven't seen yet. The InnerWorkings lessons refer you to sections in Imar's book that you need to understand to try the challenges.
Then yes, you submit the feedback. Each lesson typically has a few individual criteria to get the lesson right (think of these as the software specs or requirements) and your grade in each lesson is based on how many of those you get right. If you get some wrong, you can keep doing it as long as you need to get it right. I may have set a record for wrong attempts in my walkthrough.

vbboyd July 12th, 2013 11:19 AM

I need more hands on
I am pretty good with understanding concepts of ASP.NET C#, MVC,JQuery, SQL Server etc, etc, but I am lacking on more of the practical hands on side of things. That is my weak spot and I need to get better at that particular area of just pounding out lots and lots of code, like I used to do in the past, but now have not done as much because of the fact that I have had to take time off from my job responsibilities take care of a sick family member and I am now trying to re-enter the workforce full time and I need something that will get me a hard core discipline to do more hands on. The Pluralsight videos are nice but it is hard to constantly stop and start the videos and do what is shown in the video hands on yourself. Kind of hard to do, so I want something that will coach bring me along and mentor me without having to use and actual person to do that. That is what I was hoping I would get with this product. Is that what this tool of Wrox offers to people? That is what I really need to know.

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