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AlanWheeler January 28th, 2014 09:39 AM

Ch 10 AJAX Update Panel and measuring the page weight
Hi Imar,

In the 1st Try-it out we reduce the page 'weight' during the postback by adding the UpdatePanel. The text indicates the full page is around 12KB.

Using your suggestion I brought up the IE10 Developer Toolbar (which is very cool thank you). I clicked on Network, Start Capturing, and then refreshed the Contact.aspx. At the bottom it indicated around 166KB. I cleared the listing using the clear button at the far right of the Toolbar, filled in the Contact page form and clicked Send. This time at the bottom it indicated just under 16KB. So the 'weight' reduction was clear. (BTW vis a vis our other conversation, another good demo of the client-side validation - there's no traffic until the client validation lets the form postback).

My question is why I'm seeing 166KB and not the 12KB the text indicates. Even my lower 'weight' is higher than 12 KB. It didn't look like a difference between bytes and bits, but maybe I'm not thinking about it correctly.


Best Regards,

Imar January 28th, 2014 10:06 AM

I looked at the raw HTML for that page (using View Source) and I think what you're seeing is the combined size of the page, including HTML, CSS, Scripts and images.



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