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xavhub April 6th, 2014 08:26 AM

help with ado
hi everyone

so, i have created a kind of transaction program(whether withdraw or deposit) and i have used ado to link the database with the program.

the thing is that, on one form, when the user makes a transaction and click the print button, the program should save the newrecord and go to the other one. another problem is that in the transactionID field the data type is autonumber and thus should automatically increment. on the same form, when i leave or go to the mainmenu, the databse should be saved so that i can produce report afterwards.

i dont know how to do all this as i'm a student who has just began to just vb 6.0[:(]

the database is in .mdb and the table linked with the form above is tbltrans with fields: TransactionID(Autonumber),TransactionType,Quantity (Rs),TransactionDate,Notes,CustomerID
the form has AdoBank,cmdprint,cmdMainMenu

i would be glad that someone experienced help me for this program. if you need more information or the form or database please ask me. if you need to talk in private i can give you my facebook.

thanks in advance,

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