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AlanWheeler April 9th, 2014 10:53 PM

Ch 19 Deployment, Running under IIS
Hi Imar,

As you know, I successfully deployed my site to a hosting provider, but I never finished getting it to run from my web server. I need to do that now.

I've got IIS8 up and running (on Server 2012 Standard), learned how to operate it and actually have most of the Planet Wrox website functioning, but only in the localhost mode; I need to get it out to the internet now.

The text explains this is a complex task and I don't expect you can solve my particular problem in this forum, but I was hoping with your tenure in this field you could point me to a book similar to yours (meaning effective [:)]), but in the area of explaining the basic networking setup necessary to get the website visible on the internet. (BTW I have a copy of the Wrox Professional Microsoft IIS 8 book - it doesn't really help with this issue, I think because my issue is so basic; of course if one doesn't know it, it's not that basic for them ...)

My web server connects to my ISP through 2 routers and I need to understand how they have to be setup so that IIS is reaching the net. Ultimately I need to get an SSL layer installed, but I first have to even reach the net.

Any contacts or book ideas would be appreciated. Do you have any articles on this on your web site?

Best Regards,

Imar April 11th, 2014 03:14 AM

Hi Alan,

It is indeed a bit out of scope, but in general it works like this:

1. Get a static Internet IP address. Your ISP gives you an IP address automatically, but it may change from time to time (could be days, could be months, depending on your provider). If you can't get a static IP address, you can map a domain name to an IP address using a dynamic DNS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS

2. Register a domain name and point that to your IP address

3. Configure the firewall to allow incoming traffic on port 80. You typically need so set up something like port forwarding where incoming traffic on port 80 is forwarded to the server in your network on port 80

4. Configure the firewall on your machine to allow traffic on port 80

5. Configure IIS to listen to the domain name you registered for your site.

Or: just open a cheap online hosting account and let them handle all this ;-)



AlanWheeler April 11th, 2014 09:39 AM

That was perfect. Thanks!


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