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Rod Stephens June 5th, 2014 10:14 AM

Correction on page 32
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Dipanjan said:


The example is on Page 32 heading is “A Fairly Random Array” , the final equation that comes up is given as : (N-1/N)*(N-2/N-1)* ….(N-(K-1)/N-(k-1)+1)* (N-1/(N-(K-1))

The expression marked in RED seems to be incorrect where it should be [1/N-(K-1)] as an expression for Pk.
This is correct. The final term Pk is the probability of an item ending up in position k given that it was not placed in positions 1, 2, ..., k - 1. After placing items in the first k - 1 positions, there are N - (k - 1) positions remaining, so the probability of the item being placed in any of the remaining positions is 1 over that number or 1/[N - (k - 1)].

See the attachment for a nicely formatted version of the equation.

Thanks for pointing this out Dipanjan!

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