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RedDragon99 February 12th, 2015 02:55 PM

InfoPath Forms Submitted via Email from SharePoint
Have worked with InfoPath forms for a couple years now... I will create them either in InfoPath and publish to SharePoint, or I will create a form within SharePoint and then edit it in InfoPath to change the look/layout of it... I am working on some forms right now that need to be submitted via email and I keep running into an error message...

The error indicates that forms being sent via email are not supported in the "sandbox"... what is this referring to? And because it is being submitted via email it is not allowing me to set it to be loaded/completed within the browser... it's is looking for InfoPath Filler which is not installed on everyone's computers here. The error for this is that it won't allow web fill forms because of the email requirement... it's like a catch 22.

However, it mentions that to make it work, I need to publish it using the Administrator-Approved form template which requires the template to be handled by the SharePoint admin... we don't have one here... so how can I use this?

Any insight or help would be most appreciated!!

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