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Deaf Smith July 15th, 2015 11:23 AM

DataGrid loading using Postgresql
After executing a SQL instruction and then loading the results into a table I find the dataGridView1 won't load.

I am SURE the data was put into the table as I displayed it after it had loaded the data


                MessageBox.Show("Row one had " + drow[0] + " " + drow[1] + " " + drow[2] + " " + drow[3] + " " + drow[4]");
              dataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = true;
                // set the gridview to the datatable..
                dataGridView1.DataSource = dtable;
              // dataGridView1.DataBind();  <-- this command gives errors.

The MessageBox did display the data, so it is there.

So once I get the DataSource for the gridview set to the table
how do I get the GridView to bind the data?

I use Devart.Data.PostgreSql if that matters.


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