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François July 17th, 2015 07:13 AM

How to transfer information with XMPP

I read your book (actually part of !) and it's very interesting ! I successed building my own openfire server and creating a one-to-one chat thanks to you.

Now i want to add a functionality to my project. This one-to-one chat will be integrated to an app build with cordova (for deploying on android and iphone). This project is about giving your own availability for today and/or the next few days, so you can start asking your friends/collegues/family to have lunch, diner or just a drink. If you see someone available, you can ask him by a sending him a notification. If he accepts, you can start chating with him to give some details (where exactly, when exactly...)

For the moment, the availability of people is stored in an SQL database on my server and PHP update this.

Can i handle this using XMPP instead of PHP/SQL ? Because i need to build a chat client and server, i wondered if it could be simplier to handle the availability of people with XMPP.

Please feel free to ask me details if you need to !

Thank you

PS: sorry if i make mistakes, english is not my native language ;)

François August 6th, 2015 09:40 AM

For those having the same idea, i finally managed to implement that with PubSub (XEP-60).
Each user create his own PubSub node to publish items (here, an item represents your availability to an event, eg. today's lunch), and all friends of this user subscribe to this node.

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