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ank2go February 23rd, 2004 09:10 PM

Build Error - Plz Help - Thanks
I'm completely new to asp.net, so please pardon me.

I've a win xp pro w/ IIS and Visual Studio 2003.

A co-worker helped setup a web app and links it
to visual source safe. I'm not able to play
with it unless I 'Check Out', and I don't
want to check out. (That's another story).

So, I've copied all the files and created another
virtual directory at c:\web\proj1.

I tried to compile the web app (F5), but came across
a 'build error'. I'm able to select to continue, and
the web app runs fine.

The build error is as follow:

'The referenced component 'someobj'could not be found.

I don't remember my co-worker registering the .dll
file to my workstation.

I know in ASP Classic you would need to register
your coms, and in ASP.Net you can just copy
the files over to a new web server and it should work.

All my components are located in the root bin directory.

Am I missing something here? :( Can you plz help.

Appreciate [:p] all your replies.

ank2go February 23rd, 2004 10:09 PM

I was able to solve my own problem:

Don't know what happened, but in the Solution Explorer
all the coms were not referenced correctly.

So, I removed the reference, and re-reference it

No build errors anymore.

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