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winkimjr2 August 19th, 2016 10:25 AM

How do I modify code for array to no array?
I would like to modify code that checks for batch citations using array. I want it to check for a single citation instead. This code uses a function GetCaseNumbersForCitation to check if a citation number exist in the database.

Here is the code to check if citation is a duplicate for batch citations.

I will not need the array because there is always going to be only one citation.

Here is the code I would like to modify


'Check if the citation is a duplicate
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strCitationNumber = objXMLCitationNode.SelectSingleNode("msc:Citation/msc:CitationNumber/msc:ID", objXMLNameSpaceManager).InnerText
 strCitationNumbers = Msc.Integration.Mncis.Library.v4.Citation.GetCaseNumbersForCitation(strCitationNumber, False)
 If (strCitationNumbers(0) <> "No Matching Case") Then
 'add the error message
 CType(objXMLCitationNode, XmlElement).SetAttribute("validationError", "This is a duplicate citation.")
End If

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