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srotondo April 26th, 2018 01:13 PM

Cookie Value is Truncated
I'm having a problem where e-mail addresses passed as a username via a cookie are being truncated. The details are below.

I've been using cookies on my website for ten years and never had a problem. I would use them to retrieve usernames for single sign-on purposes. My programming language is classic asp. The typical username would be something like fsmith or rjones.

However, I started using e-mail addresses for usernames and that's when the problems started. Most of the e-mail addresses were returned correctly by the cookie but for some reason, the cookie would truncate one e-mail address/username in particular. Instead of returning salvatore@gmail.com, the cookie would return salvatore@gmail (for example)

I know this problem occurred before I de-crypted the cookie because I used the following classic asp code to determine the length of the cookie: len(request.Cookies("CSHintranetCookie")("u"))

The code above would return a value of 15 for salvatore@gmail indicating that the cookie itself had somehow been truncated.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why the cookie would truncate an e-mail address?

Thank you.

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