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Hi Tom,

I found a work around for this. It works fine. Here you go.

Details of what it does.
  • Consider "test.asp" as the first page, where you got the links to click and get its info stored on to a text file.
  • "test1.asp" is where the code for writing to text file is given.
  • on click of any of the 4 links on "test.asp" page, takes to "test1.asp" where the article/link info is written/appended to "text.txt" and then redirected to "test.asp" with #name reference



<a href="#Article1">&nbsp;</a>
<a href="test1.asp?qs=Article1">Title_of_Article1</a>
<a href="#Article2">&nbsp;</a>
<a href="test1.asp?qs=Article2">Title_of_Article2</a>
<a href="#Article3">&nbsp;</a>
<a href="test1.asp?qs=Article3">Title_of_Article3</a>
<a href="#Article4">&nbsp;</a>
<a href="test1.asp?qs=Article4">Title_of_Article4</a>


    dim fs, ft, tout, article_title


    set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    ft = server.mappath("text.txt")
    set tout = fs.opentextfile(ft, 8, true)
    set fs = nothing
    set ft = nothing
    set tout = nothing

    Response.Redirect("./test.asp#" & article_title)
Hope that helps.

-Vijay G
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