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Mr Rude,

1. You asked this only a few hours ago and you didn't get an answer... so you rant in the feedback forum. We do this because we want to. Not because we are paid to. If you want "priority" support- please feel free to pay for it. Volunteers, which we all are, do the best we can as time permits. The forums you will get answers "faster" and "better" on charge for this service.

2. If you can search the array and find the row that printer A is on, you simply have to look in the second position to find the IP address

|    |      0      |       1      |
| 0  |  Printer A  | |
| 1  |  Printer B  | |
| 2  |  Printer C  | |
If I find Printer B at myArray(1,0) then I know the IP address is at myArray(1,1)

So, what is your question? Or do you just want to complain?

Hal Levy
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