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Chapter 3 of this book is entitled "Application Settings Writer". This is similar to a wrapper for INI files or the registry, but, as given emphasis, is XML-based, and is case sensitive. My problem now is that I have a working apps where I want to employ this config settings code. My apps is started using Sub Main, calls up the Main form, and loads/unloads/reloads other forms as appropriate. As I understood it from the book, I created the Reader class, and put in the rest of the codes in my Main form. I see that when the Apps loads, it always takes the default Windows position; I move the form to a new location, and on exit, I see that the config file is being updated with the new x-y coordinates. But, as mentioned, on the next loading, the Main form again assumes the default Windows position. Seems to me like a problem of NOT reading the config file; beats me since it is able to write to the same file. So why isn't it read back? Any help? Thanks!