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you must first of define make a virtual folder to issue http requests.
if u r using win2000 it maybe your iis(web server for microsoft paltforms) is installed if it is not installed to can put windows cd and go to add windows componets and setup web server.
if ur web server already installed it's must created a Inetpub folder in windows installed drive for example if your windows installed in drive d: you can find it in this path(d:\inetpub).
but the next phase is to define a virtual path to host your web pages
if you dont do this you cant request the pages using such this
http://localhost/mysite/index.html or sample_page.aspx or .....
Note :
You can check for it if your web server is installed already or not
using :-> http://localshot in a web browser.
if it already installed you can browse to Inetpub folder in a WWWROOT subfolder create a named folder name it what u like
the thing and important phase is websharing and you can do using this procedure :
go to properties of the folder and select the "WEB SHARING" tab and give your own name(AlIASE) by selecting Radio Button to select share this folder (this name will be used for request the site like http://localhost/samplesite/index.aspx(if u already created a index.aspx page in this virtual directory)
now you can give a URL to opening the page .
if u dont do this process your dynamic pages dont work.
ThanX YoOrD.