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 Sure you can create a GUI in C++. Judging by your choice of development tools, I am going to assume you are targeting windows and respond accordingly:

  The most protable way to create a GUI using C++ would probably be to use the Win32 API, calling functions such as CreateWindow() or CreateWindowEx() -- you can look up the exact usage of these functions on MSDN ( ) -- however the Win32 API is procedural ( not object oriented) and can be a pain to work with, unless you are a GUI programmer ( as opposed to just wanting to whack together some database forms real quick, or an easy front-end for your progy that does a lot of processing).
  nokmois mentioned Borland's built in workshop -- Visual C++ has a similar GUI creation tool / form editor built in, and a rich library of classes that encapsulate the Win32 API ( MFC ). Also, there are 3rd party tools / libraries available, some of them free, including GTK which originated on Linux and was ported to Windows ( hint: use this and you can port your apps back and forth relatively painlessly, assuming you don't use any other platform-specific libs), and QT which is completely object-oriented ( but I'm still kinda hung up on their event passing mechanism). I think QT requires you purchase a commericial license for commercial development, though.

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