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Wow, that's quite a review. Sorry you didn't like the book, but mostly I'm sorry you didn't stick with it a little longer than the first page of chapter 1. Page 8 (the 2nd page of chapter 1) discusses their decision to use DAO for the examples and that they will not explain the data access technologies here in chapter 1, but those will be covered in chapter 7. Chapter 7 does an excellent job of introducing DAO and its use.

The intent in chapter 1, like in many introductory chapters in most books, was to give the reader a heads up on what was coming, not to confuse them.

Not that it matters, but the book was published by Wrox prior to our acquisition, and admittedly the book dives in pretty quickly. We continue to look for ways to improve the quality of Wrox products, and appreciate your feedback.

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