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Sorry, that was a typo. That line was supposed to read: .WriteLn ("</body></html>").
The problem I am having is in the WriteToProgBar sub. It will not display the carriage returns in the textare so that all of the text is running together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


quote:Originally posted by quantum1976
 I've searched this forum and found some solutions that came close but where not exactly what I am trying to do. I've got a vbscript that performs several functions and uses an IE window to display a status window. This IE window contains a textarea to display messages as each function is completed.

To update the textarea, I read everything into a variable, add my new message to it, and write it back to the textarea.

The problem I am having is that I cannot insert VBCRLF or <BR> between each message to place each of them on a new line. All of the messages run together and only get word wrapped.

Here are a few sections from the script:
Set oIE = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application ", "oIE_")
With oIE : .left = 100 : .top = 80 : .width = 500 : .height = 160
    .menubar = False : .toolbar = False : .statusbar = False : End With
Set oDoc = oIE.document
With oDoc 'fill in the (ie) dialog, with a message and progbar
    .WriteLn ("<html><head><title>" & sCaption & "</title></head> ")
    .WriteLn ("<body bgcolor='Silver' leftmargin=15 topmargin=5 scroll='no' > ")
    .WriteLn ("<textarea id=txtBox rows=3 cols=50>")
    .WriteLn ("")
    .Close End With ' oDoc

Sub WriteToProgBar(NewMsg)
'add text to the textarea and scroll to the bottom
temp = oDoc.getElementById("txtBox").innerHTML
oDoc.getElementById("txtBox").innerHTML = temp & vbcrlf & NewMsg
oDoc.getElementById("txtBox").scrollTop =
End Sub

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated,


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