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Hi mmcdonal,

Thank you for your response. The script already accepts multiple files in command line argument variable inside the script. Currently if you drag and drop multiple files the script handles them nicely. If you add the script into your sendto ie right click sendto it also handles multiple files as well. Just not by adding the script to a right click context menu in windows.

In registry you can pass an argument to a file by inserting %1 for example wscript.exe "c:\myProgram.vbs" %1. This means that if you highlight a file and right click the file is passed to the script as an argument. If you select multiple files and right click the files do not get passed as one argument ie a list of file names but rather a list of multiple files. This causes the script to open multiple times and only handling a file at a time.

I have also tried adding multiple arguments such as %1 %2 %3 but this does not work and it only goes up to 9 which is useless for big batch job conversions.

I didn't think this would be an issue but this has caused more problems than i thought.

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