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 hmmm I think he's trying to do that without access to the source code, judging by his reference to the Reflection API and the fact that he's writing an interperter, such that if I produced an object named TestObject with a method SomeFunc() and gave him only the bytecode, he would be able to make his interperter execute TestObject.SomeFunc().
 There's no simple way to examine the structure of a C++ class that I'm aware of at runtime, similiar to the Reflection API in java. It's possible, but non-trivial .. you would need to implement code to examine, for example, the VFUNCTION table and such. That is, you would essentially have to write your own analog to the Reflection API.
 You might want to look at the source code for some open source debuggers (e.g. GDB) .. perhaps that would get you started on your way.

Meredith Shaebanyan

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