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quote:Originally posted by jbergman
 Beginning PHP 5 is right now scheduled to publish in April 2004.

Jennifer Bergman
Marketing Manager
Wrox Press
Wiley Publishing, Inc.
I just bought this book a week ago, and quite honestly I'm very disappointed in it. The table of contents looks great, but the actual contents are a different matter. I'm an occasional PHP programmer, and needed a comprehensive book for both review and reference.

I'm working my way through, and have finished the first three chapters. I've yet to find an example that didn't have something wrong with it. Some of the problems were minor typographical errors; some involved the use of deprecated functionality; and some were outright logic errors.

While I've learned a lot trying to get these examples to work, it is much more tedious than it should be. If I hadn't foolishly written my name in the book before bringing it to work, I'd get my $40 back from Borders.

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