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I have read the topic thread you directed me to, and I understand the points made there, however we are in the same position we were in yesterday. We bought Visual Studio, Visual C# to be more exact, and we bought a book entitled Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 with Visual C# .NET 2003. When I examine the book more closely it does mention Web Matrix on the back cover and throughout, but standing in a bookshop with Microsoft Press's offering in one hand and the Wrox in the other I made my choice by examining the Contents pages, and by skimming a few pages... probably a very common procedure the world over. I bring the book back to my team, and its returned to me within minutes with a report that it doesnt refer to how to work with Visual Studio.

I dont doubt that the code examples work with Visual Studio but we are BEGINNERS, having left Delphi to one side and embraced Microsofts web development offering.

Why would we install Web Matrix, learn its operation, and then go back to Visual Studio only to stumble through its procedures?

In the UK we paid £26.99 for this book, probably close to $40 US so its not a fortune, but my team is not happy and therefore Ive let them down and so Im not happy.

Sorry Jim, but this one's a dissatisfied customer, we will go back out today and buy the Microsoft version.



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