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here is wat u asked for. hope it'd help ..

Supported in : VB4-32,5,6

Declare Function RegisterServiceProcess Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwProcessID As Long, ByVal dwType As Long) As Long

Operating Systems Supported
Windows NT: Not supported; Requires Windows 95 or later

Library : Kernel32

Parameter Information

· dwProcessId
       Specifies the identifier of the process to register as a service process.
       Specifies NULL to register the current process.
· dwType
       Specifies whether the service is to be registered or unregistered.
       This parameter can be one of the following values.

           Registers the process as a service process.
           Unregisters the process as a service process.

Return Values

       If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero.
       If the function fails, the return value is zero. To get extended error

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