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Default Question on Pattern matching using VBscript


I am new to Vbscript. I need to macth a pattern in a string. Ex I need to match startup_qkload_test_8to1_pm_st out of the line below:
call startup_qkload_test_8to1_pm_st > TS0 .X .X .X .0 1X11 .1 1100XX .1 10XX10 ;
I use subRE.pattern="call ([a-zA-Z][\w]+[a-zA-Z]) >" hoping that the matches object will remember only the portion in the parenthesis ([a-zA-Z][\w]+[a-zA-Z]) but it seems to match call startup_qkload_test_8to1_pm_st > when all I want is startup_qkload_test_8to1_pm_st


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