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Perl and Python are "scripting" languages.

One common element of scripting languages is that they are interpreted rather than compiled. The source code is processed by the interpreter line-by-line each time it is used, rather than being compiled into an exe or other binary executable file.

Scripting languages are used for numerous purposes - I use them daily for running batch operations on my box, as server side code in ASP web applications, as client side code in those same applications, for various utilities and applications that help me get my work done, and to automate or otherwise improve the functionality of some applications (such as Word or Excel) that I use.

You can look up "scripting language" somewhere like Wikipedia to get a good description.

Of course, this post has been sitting around for a long time, but that anwser by Taimur just didn't seem to be much help - for example, scripting languages have been around a long time (way before 1992 that is for certain!). Norbus? ScriptEase? What an imagination!

Woody Z
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