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WOW Parsons

That was some real good study of the code, I thought I was the only one who copied the content, pasted the HTML and blah blah blah....

Yes Jim, I too agree with parsons idea of implementing a <div> tag in place of <pre>. But yes again, it comes to us to decide whether a user would like to read the content with scrolling.

Personally I would support the idea of using DIV tag, anyhow we are scrolling the matter, whether it be the IE's default bars or the DIV's.

Well about Imar's suggestion,

1st point would be a bit difficult from the user's point of view, I won't feel comfortable editing a 100 line code manually taking care of area's width.
3rd point, can only be thought off when we have both our hands open with no ray of hope.
2nd point, yes I stongly agreeee.

(Imar I have quoted the above with due respect to your suggestions).

Parsons, lets hear it from Jim.


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