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Ok, it is driving me crazy.
I still can´t get it right. let me tell you what I did:

I have a server 2003 and there I have in DNS management the domain "" as an (A) Host.
Then in IIS I have a web which is pointed at, port 80. there is no use of any HostHeader (Should I change it?)
And if someone connects using http:\\192168.100.1 it will get the main webpage of our intranet
In the directory of the server all the files are at c:\inetpub\wwwroot

No I created a new directory at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\foro where I created the new website

But the only acces is using http:\\\foro

But the problem is that all the comercials can also have acces to http:\\, which I don´t like that much

So I want to seprate them. I tried using the "Deny/access" to the website using their IP. But if I say it is denied in the website, it automaticcaly denies them in the website.

Now I tried to do the next thing:
1) Created a new DNS Zone called (is this correct?)
2) Then I went to the IIS server aplication and created a new web without IP, and as HostHeader "FORO".

And from there I am lost.... as it doesn´t work.

Please help me!
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