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Originally Posted by jminatel View Post
Rachel: Great question. No, we don't have any audio books but I'll pass this along to our licensing partners and see if any want to try. For listening and learning, some of our authors have great podcasts I'd recommend. A couple to start with would be:

Scott Hanselman:
Wally McClure:

Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot.

I realize they would have to be less focused on code and more on other types of instruction. It would be impractical probably to try to listen to long code snippets. But there are many parts of all the books that could be helpful to listen to. I've got a program that will turn text into talk but to try to scan my books into it would be impractical. Hmm, maybe if I got a downloaded version... But that would still take a big chunk of time.

I hope they will look into this.