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Default Reversing an array: which method is efficient

ok i have figured out where i was wrong and have come up with this code here:

for (int i=0;i<=MAX/2;i++)
int temp;
temp = arr[i];
arr[i] = arr[(MAX-1)-i];
arr[(MAX-1)-i] = temp;

where MAX is the total number of elements an array has.

Another piece of code that i have found was this one, i like you to comment whether this one is efficient or the one above.

void Reverse(int *first,int *last)

int dum;
for(int x=0;((x>=0) && (x<=((last-first)/2)));x++)

dum=*(first+x);//store value of location first+x in dummy var
*(first+x)=*(last-(1+x)); // set loc first+x to whats in last-x
*(last-(1+x))=dum; // assign mem loc last-x dum


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