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"For...Next" Loop looks like this.

Dim Counter
For Counter = 1 to 10
     MsgBox Counter
Next     'Counter
To [BREAK] out of the "For...Next" Loop, you will want to insert a Code Sequence. Most likely with some sort of User Input Sequence such as with the InputBox Statement.

Dim Counter
Dim strCounter
For Counter = 1 to 10
     MsgBox Counter
     strCounter = InputBox("?Do you want to Continue?")
          If strCounter = "" Then
               Counter = 11
          End If
Next     'Counter
A better method would be to use a MsgBox "?Do you want to Continue?" with the "VbYesNo" Constant; as well as, the "VbYes" and "VbNo" Constants in place of the InputBox Sequence; but, I'm not familiar enough with VBScript to write such a sequence at this time.

I am new to VBScript; thus, I only know how to use InputBox for User Inputs in VBScript Codes at this time.

With GW-BASIC, all you needed was a GOTO Statement to [BREAK] out of the "For...Next" Loops because all the Command Lines were numbered.

With GW-BASIC, you could also use the INKEY$ Statement to [BREAK] out of the "For...Next" Loop.

I haven't tested out my Input Sequence; thus, if you get a "Subscript Out Of Range" Error, you should change the Counter = 11 Command Line to Counter = 10.

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