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This is *NOT* legal VBScript code, so I have no idea how your code works, at all:
VBscript does NOT use [...] for any purpose, whatsoever.


VBScript does *NOT* need an argument to RANDOMIZE. If you omit the argument, you get the best possible randomization. So you SHOULD omit it.


In your second set of code, this line is illegal:
Dim Number(Counter)
First of all, you didn't assign any value to Counter before trying to use it. But in any case, VBScript does *NOT* allow an expression in DIMensioning an array.

You could (and, in this case, SHOULD) have simply coded
Dim Number(5)
and the code should have worked, excepting again for those bogus square brackets with Randomize.


A much better/simpler way to have coded this would have been to recognize that in VBScript *ALL* arrays start at element 0 (not 1) and so you could have done simply:
Dim Counter
Dim Number(4)
For Counter = 0 To UBound(Number)
     Number(Counter) = Rnd
MsgBox Join(Number,vbNewLine)
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