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This still remains unanswered.

I think that I need to create a new Variable that stores the 5 "Number#" Variables then use the new Variable in the Message Box.

That explains the "Constant" Error Messages that I'm getting.

Actually, the "Randomize[Second(dtmSeed)]" does work within my VBScript Codes.

VBScript Third Edition Page 615:
Syntax Randomize[Number]

Although "Randomize[Second(dtmSeed)]" does work, VBScript Third Edition does have listed Code Listings within the Book Text that looks like "Randomize Second(dtmSeed)". In fact, some of my Programs are written with the latter Randomize format.

My "dtmSeed" is a Variable that stores the Date/Time Function Strings. What this does is allow me to use a single Date/Time String for generating Random Seed Numbers throughout the Program; instead of, using the current Date/Time Strings that the Date/Time Functions call out.

Also, I am only using NotePad and the Windows 2000 Profession Windows Script Host for my VBScript Codes; thus, I don't get any IDE Errors that will come with VBScript Supported IDEs for "Randomize[Second(dtmSeed)]" syntaxes.

It is also possible that newer versions of Windows are more strict about VBScript syntax than Windows 2000 Professional.

I am not programming for Internet Applications, or for integration with other Computer Languages; thus, I probably can get away with more syntax dialects.

My Computer Programming activities are centered around Video/Personal Computer Gaming; and, the Psuedo-Random Number Generation Codes listed in VBScript Third Edition don't meet my standards for Random Number Generation.

There are times when one wants a Character to be in a Specific Location doing a Specific Activity at a Specific Time after Game Start, every time the Computer is Turned On; but, I don't want that Psuedo-Randomness in my Video/Personal Computer Games.

I am using VBScript to learn about Windows Programming. Windows Programming is so complicated as compared to DOS Programming with GW-BASIC.

Although Liberty BASIC seems to be Windows version of GW-BASIC, the Books and Compilers that I got on Liberty BASIC isn't as complete or thorough as VBScript Third Edition and Learning BASIC For TANDY Computers; and, they encompass other Computer Programming Languages as well.

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