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My "dtmSeed" is a Variable that stores the Date/Time Function Strings. What this does is allow me to use a single Date/Time String for generating Random Seed Numbers throughout the Program; instead of, using the current Date/Time Strings that the Date/Time Functions call out.
If you keep thinking of dtmSeed as holding a "String", you are going to make life much more difficult on yourself, in the long run.

No, dtmSeed does *NOT* hold a STRING, at all.

It holds a vbScript data type known as vbDate.

You can confirm this by doing
dtmSeed = Time( ) ' the parens aren't needed, but they *are* more "correct"

MsgBox "dtmSeed has typename " & TypeName(dtmSeed) & " and vartype " & VarType(dtmseed)
If you have not already done so, you really really really should download the MS Script documentation in the form of a "Help" file from here:
and then maybe the quick reference "card" from here:
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