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GW-BASIC also has the BREAK and STOP and CONTINUE Commands.

I didn't interpret the Original Poster as wanting to use BREAK or STOP Commands in his VBScript Codes.

I think that he was using the BREAK and STOP Commands because he wanted to Press a Key to Break Out of a "For...Next" Loop; but, didn't know how to go about that using VBScript Coding.

You are right when you say that I am ingorant of Jscript; but then, I never did say that I was knowledgeable about non-GW-BASIC Computer Programming Languages.

I also don't think that the Original Poster wanted to loop a certain amount of times before being able to Break Out of the "For...Next" Loop.

I believe that he was wanting to Break Out of the "For...Next" Loop whether it looped just once; or, looped 18 times; or, some other out-of-the-hat number that is based on the whim of the Computer User.

Seriously...?Do you want the Computer to go through a particular Array List at X Amount Of Times every time you access that Array List?

?Won't there be times when you just want to access that Array List only once; then, be done with that list; instead of having to loop the X Amount Of Times That Is Hard Coded Into The Computer Program?

?What if the majority of times you access that particular Array List you want to repeatedly access that Array List without having to Re-Open that Computer Program everytime you want to access that particular Array List?

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