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"Old Pendant",

You need to re-read my last Posting.
You totally mis-interpreted my comments about Psuedo-Random Numbers.

You haven't even read VBScript Third Edition; thus, your comments about my VBScript Code syntax is pointless.

Obviously, your Computer Programming Skill & Technique comes from non-VBScript Computer Programming Languages; and, you are trying to apply that knowledge to VBScript syntax; which, will sometimes be incorrect; and, you are being incorrect.

VBScript and Visual BASIC are two different Programming Languages; thus, they have different syntaxes; although, they are extremely similar. This is no different to the (c)1980 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic Rules and Expert Rules being very similar to; but, different from the (c)1974 ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Roleplaying Game System.


The Data Type stored in my "dtmSeed" Variable is a String Data, not a Numeric Data, not an Array Data, not an Object Data, not a Null; and, not an Empty.

All Date/Time Data are considered as String Data.
String Data can contain Numbers; and, Letters; and, Characters like ":" & " ".

There is no confusion on my part.

All VBScript Variables are Varients; thus, any and all kinds of data can be stored in any particular VBScript Variable.

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