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This is my last reply to you.

It is pointless to continue this discussion.
Obviously, your Computer Programming Skill & Technique comes from non-VBScript Computer Programming Languages; and, you are trying to apply that knowledge to VBScript syntax; which, will sometimes be incorrect; and, you are being incorrect.
Damn. I guess those 2 years I spent converting Microsoft's VBScript engine to work on non-MS platforms (IBM mainframe, IBM Unix, Linux) didn't teach me a single thing about the language.

Damn. I guess these past 8 (almost 9) years that I have spent posting close to 100,000 answers on various forums (probably more than 60% of them relevant to VBScript) were a waste of time.

Damn. I guess all those FAQs and articles I wrote (okay, most of them back in 2001, that's true) are total lies.

The Data Type stored in my "dtmSeed" Variable is a String Data, not a Numeric Data, not an Array Data, not an Object Data, not a Null; and, not an Empty.

All Date/Time Data are considered as String Data.
You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.

Dates and times stored in VBScript are stored in a Variant. The variant type is vt_Date and the variant number is the same as the VarType in VBScript. To wit, vbDate, which just happens to be evaluate to the number 7. The actual data is stored as an 8 byte floating point number. The integer portion of that number is the number of days elapsed since 30 December 1899 (yes, 30th, not the 31st). The fractional part of that number is the fraction of 24 hours that represents the time. There is *CLEARLY* NO STRING involved. ONLY when you convert that value for display to a human being is it THEN converted to a string. Here, an FAQ I wrote on that way back in 2002:

And I even showed you the code that would prove you wrong (using VBScript's builtin VARTYPE and TYPENAME functions). But you apparently will continue to refuse to learn from anything other than what is apparently a flawed book. Or, much more likely, your flawed interpretation of it.

By the way, the forum about the book you are using is here:
There hasn't been a post in that forum since January 9th.

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