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"Old Pedant",

Sorry, about misreading your UserName.

The book VBScript Third Edition does have errors in it.

However, the Code that I have written based on that book works on my Computer System.

You and I are in agreement that all VBScript Variables are Variants.

It is obvious to me that you have more knowledge and understanding about Computer Programming than I do; but, that doesn't change the fact that my VBScript Code syntax does work on my Computer System; or, that I was wrong about "Else" and "ElseIf" in another Topic Thread.

Although I am an Amateur Programmer; whereas, you are a Professional Programmer, I am aware that there are minor differences between Syntax Dialect Styles within specific Computer Programming Languages.

EXAMPLE: The authors of SAMS TEACH YOURSELF...VBSCRIPT...IN 24 HOURS will have written Codes slightly different from how the authors of VBScript Third Edition have written the same Code. Those differences doesn't make one source correct and the other wrong; but, reflect the fluency of the VBScript Computer Programming Language.

This fleuncy is no different from the fluency of all Human spoken languages.

I thought this Forum covered VBScript Third Edition. Well...I am new to these Forums; which, explains my error in judgement.
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