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Default Problem with SQL Server

I'm still a beginner with ASP and SQL. When a try to connect to a SQL server I get this error :
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80004005)
[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found.
I know that the SQL Server has to be configured, but I don't know how ( I's running Win XP SP1 and IIS 5.1). I've searched at Google, but I didn't find anything that solves my problem.
 This is the connection string which I use to connect to the SQL : strConn = "Provider=SQLOLEDB; Data Source=WATCHER; " & _
            "Initial Catalog=pubs; User Id=davids; Password=whiskey"
(this is a sample from one of the Wrox books)
How to solve the problem ?
With many thanks