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I have a good number of publications from Wrox that I've acquired over the years. I've ran into this very situation several times before, including a recent search I did on a different title. While searching, I came across this thread and decided to check the 2002 print of the solutions toolkit. My frustration wasn't/isn't tied to this specific title, but in an overal picture. It just happened to be this title thread in which I decided to post, because frankly I'm quite tired of the modern-day pass-the-buck society we've come to.

I understand about property and intellectual rights to property, hence I understand why your hands are tied on this. What I dont understand is why, when these packages are bought and sold, there seems to be no accountability for supporting the customers who have spent the money on it. I'm hard-pressed to believe that the small amount of space on a support site to house supporting code would be a deal-breaker for any contractual purchase. Perhaps I'm too old-school for believing a company should consider it's customers.

I also understand that this title is probably considered to be an aged publication, and time-limited support is commonplace. The flip-side to that, however, is that there is still a vast group of developers publishing apps with Visual Basic 6. Not because they can't learn .NET, but because it saves the hassles of .NET installation confirmation and even more so to avoid the whole JIT compiling scenario. This particular title might be 8 years old, it's not "aged" in the sense that some might believe, which brings my underlying belief that someone should be able to require at least a minimal level of support for it as a part of any purchase contract.

I don't need to contact the author, as over the years I've already rewritten code that far surpasses anything this title had. I also would never expect to have to hunt down an author for a title which strongly advertises it's own support, ie:

Right on the front cover:
"Wrox technical support at:"
"Updates and source code at:"
"Peer discussion at:"

The Support and Errata section of the appendix is completely laden with direction to

I don't think something should be advertised that isn't intended to be provided more than a short term. But hey this is all merely my opinion. Some will agree, some won't. C'est la vie.