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Default Executing VBscript with a right click context menu

Hi all,

I am new to forums so I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question.

I have recently created a VB script that takes image files and reduces their size. The script handles multiple files handed to it and works fine.
The problem lies when I run the script from a right click context menu in windows. Currently if i right click a jpg file and click on my script it works fine for one digital image file but as soon as i select multiple digital images instead of passing the files to the script all at once it passes the each digital image one at a time opening multiple instances of my script. The main feature of the script is that it handles batch conversions.

Currently i am using wscript.exe "c:\myProgram.vbs" %1 in registry. Is there any way i can modify registry to pass my script multiple files at a time as one argument.

Thank you in advance

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