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Default str names

Hi there. I would imagine that there would not be an official list because strHomeDir, strHomeDrive, strLocal, etc, are simply variable names, which can be what ever you want or need them to be.

Although every variable in vbscript is considered a "varient", and not a true data type (like a string or integer) until run-time, the "str" in strHomeDir is more of a descriptive reference, to the developer/administrator looking at the code, that the intended/expected type of data in the variable is a string.

In my scripts, I use the Hungarian Notation to describe varients. There is controversy amoung developers on it's actual necessity, but I use it it my scripts, as do many others. Here's a short guide:

So, whether you want to use strHomeDir, txtHomeDir, dirHome, sHome, it doesn't matter. What matters the most is that (1) you know what they are and should represent as you write your script, and (2) the syntax of the object that varient is storing is correct.
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