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Default dynamic class/object access

We use VB and VB scriptcontrol way to much where I work.
Some of the core processing happens with scripts for the scriptcontrol.
Needless to say it makes for some slow processing.
I am working to create a compatible interpreter for these scripts.
I am using java at the moment , but I want to port it to c++ down the road. Linux c++ specifically.
I am using the "Reflections" class in java, to allow script access to other objects in the program, without having to code the access for each specific class.
VBscript control uses the AddObject method to provide access to class objects to the script.
I would like to find out what I can use in c++ that could help in providing this functionality.

Lets say I had a class called Box that had width, length and height properties or methods. In my script I could write "Box.width = 2" my interpreter would be able to reference the Box.width method and set the value to 2.

Hope this is clear enough.....if not let me know, so I can attempt to do a better job of explaining.

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