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Default extra information from several excel files

Hello all,
I have a folder with 22 000 excel files. All the excel files have the same layout ie they have the same kind of information in the same cell addresses. I will like to extract the contents of cells A1, I20 and J20 from each excel file and append it on the next row in a new excel file. I think this can be automated with vbscript but do not master the language and its objects. The algorithm below is exactly what I will like my script to do. Can someone write it for me in vbscript? thanks in advance

' Folder contains the path to the directory containing my excel files
variable Folder = "c:\MyExcelFiles"
' List is the new excel file I want to produce
variable List = "c:\List.xls"
For each File in Folder
- open the file with excel application
- hide the excel application window (ie visible = false)
- open worksheet number 1
- copy contents of cells A1, I20 and J20
- append the data to the file List.xls

End Algorithm
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