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Default ASP

Hi Everyone,

The following codes from
"Beginning E-Commerce with Visual Basic, ASP, SQL Server 7.0 and MTS" book.

I am getting the following error while running the "Admin\default.asp",

Error Type:
ADODB.Connection (0x800A0E78)
Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
/JoCoffee/site.asp, line 50


Set query = Visit.Catalog.GetAllDepartments (50 th line)

Function Visit
   ' Do we have one?
   If IsEmpty(m_visit) Then
       ' Create an instance of a Visit Object...
       Set m_Visit = server.CreateObject("WroxCommerce.Visit")
       m_visit.Configure g_sitename, g_domainname, "driver=SQL Server; " & _
           "DATABASE=JoCoffee; UID=JoCoffeeWeb; PWD=eermlate; " & _
   End If
   ' Return the Visit object back...
   Set Visit = m_visit
End Function

Function Visit: m_Visit.Configure works fine. This shows that
"WroxCommerce.DLL" is also fine.

Once it executes "Set query = Visit.Catalog.GetAllDepartments" line,
the "Operation is not allowed when the object is closed" message comes up. What causes this error?

Thank you.


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