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Default Need Direction!!!

Greetings everyone. This is my first time in a forum of any kind. This is rather exciting.
Anywho... The nature of my msg. is this... short version... I hope!!!

I'm a Com. Sci. graduate w/ a BS. I've been out of school now for about 2 yrs. (need to back track). I'm trying to break into the programming field from a data entry position that I'm in. I experienced a lapse in my schooling which lasted about 7 to 8 yrs... which brought me back to school in 2004 or so. I'm trying to pursue a job involving web technologies. My last real course involving coding of some sort was in HTML/Javascript. I've been doing independent studying at home, learning & implementing what I've learned, to hone my skills as a programmer. I love tech stuff, primarily the software development aspect, but need some direction. The whole reason I went to school in the first place was because of video games. Though I want to ultimately find myself in that field, I want to first delve into web technologies. I have some material on HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, and Flash MX. I'm looking to be a well rounded programmer, w/ professional quality skills. I just recently purchased the "Beginners XML" from Wrox because it was written from a pro programmers perspective. My question(s) then is(are) this(these):

What knowledge and/or skills would I need to simply get my foot in the door in this field? I need lots of help in the software development process, as I'm a bit out of the loop.(No pun intended!!!:)
Some entry level positions seem pretty demanding in terms of what one needs to know. Help!!!

P.S. - Need advice on other great resources... i.e. - books, websites, articles, etc.

Thanks a bunch... God bless!!!:D

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